After 670 Calhoun residents participated in early voting, a record turnout is still expected today.

County Clerk Richard Kirby said "I think early voting is a good thing," indicating it is the wave of the future.

Only one county office is contested, the assessor's race between incumbent Jason Nettles and challenger Gaylen Duskey. Perry Jenkins has declared himself a write-in for magistrate, opposing Rick Postalwait and Teresa Robinson.

Independent candidate for sheriff, Clint Hartshorn, has withdrawn his name from the race.

Voters will be deciding on a supplement levy to support county schools.

Bill Stemple,incumbent member of the House of Delegates, is being challenged by Republican Charles McKown of Arnoldsburg.

State Senator Jeff Kessler is being challenged by Republican Russ Snyder.

Also on the ballot is a constitutional amendment for a veterans bonus for soldiers who have served in recent foreign conflicts, including Iraq.

There are contested state races for Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor, Treasurer, Agriculture Commissioner, Attorney General and Supreme Court.

West Virginia Officials are predicting a record turnout today, although tens of thousands of eligible voters in West Virginia have not bothered to register.

While some counties have reported problems getting poll workers, Kirby said Calhoun was in good shape, at least so far.

West Virginia has 1,963 precincts for this election, so there will be at least 9,800 people working at polls on Tuesday.

Polls will open at 6:30 a.m. today and close at 7:30 p.m.


Brooksville (1) Brooksville Baptist Church

Grantsville Area (4) Little Court Room, Grantsville

Big Springs (5) Pleasant Hill School

Grantsville Corporation (6) Senior Center

Mt. Zion (7) Calhoun County Park

Pleasant Hill (8) Pleasant Hill School

Arnoldsburg (10) Arnoldsburg School

Hur-Daniels Run (11) Calhoun Middle-High School

Minnora (15) Minnora Community Center

Orma (19) Minnora Community Center