By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

There were all sorts of things in Creston Saturday night as a result of the community Halloween party. Just under 100 witches, ghouls, princesses, old hunters, cowgirls, kittens, pirates and assorted others gathered to be judged, play games, take a ghoulish hay ride and eat delicious homemade soup (ala Denver McF.) cake, brownies, cookies, etc. While some of the witches had brooms, none of them flew. Theresa Rollins, Herbie Toney and Lois Hall were the judges for the event. Also on hand were County Commissioner Lowe and family. Earlier he had done some sawing on the Richardsonville road.

The comely redhead was present at the big Creston party along with a feller. Her brother came as the fireman who didn't quite make it. Someone asked if The Sassy Storekeeper was there but, alas, she was off somewhere else. Frank Duskey was in from Ohio for the big event.

The comely Sierra reported that there was also a ghastly gathering at Burning Springs Saturday evening and that someone was scaring the little children.

Speaking of the Gasts, they were out at their place in the old Rose Hill graveyard over the weekend.

The regular Creston auction will be held Saturday November 6, starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. There will be all sorts of Christmas items along with the yummy cheese, pepperoni, etc. Come and spend the evening looking for bargains, visiting with friends, telling tall tales, etc. One can also tell where all the big bucks are to be found, etc.

Rev. Carlos Nutter filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. Church. There will be a special gospel sing at the Burning Springs M. E. Church on Saturday, November 13 to raise money to repair the church. For details contact Eva G. Pennington or Joe Cunningham.

Don Hursell was attending to business in the Creston area.

Nancy Engelke was visiting in North Carolina over the weekend.

The Wirt Fire Department and the gendarmes were in Creston Thursday night after someone set a large Bush/Cheney sign on fire. The culprits also tore down other signs. It was learned that similar actions were done in Grantsville.

Donna Drake reported that she saw the big long tailed kitty cat (the kind DNR said they didn't turn loose) on Tom's Run not so long back. She was so shocked that she sat there in her car for quite some time.

Those who have been out and about in the woods report that it is only in rare places that one can find acorns (or any sort of mast) in the woods. Some squirrels have been eating tulip poplar seeds.

Someone started a timber operation on the old Russell Boggs place on Ground Hog. The Runyon job on the old Howard Cooper farm has been the topic of quite a bit of discussion. Apparently someone was promised so much cash that they could sell out and go to Texas and that land that has been cutover can be sold for more than land that been left alone.

While Jacques Frost was calling in the Creston area at different times during October the flowers, castor beans and such have yet to be killed by frost which is somewhat unusual for this time of year. The local area received more rain and most of the leaves are now down but grass continues to grow.

The global terrorists put their two cents into the election. Since they have been decimated one would hope that the most they could do in America is make noise.

The price of local crude is now $48.50 reflecting the volatility of the world oil markets. It was reported that Columbia's new Trenton/Black River deep well on Canoe in Roane County was down to 10,000' before they got stuck and had to go back up to 9,000' to head down to the 12,000' zone. It was said a crew from the Gulf of Mexico was in to assist in a horizontal hole to tap into the fault that they plan to find. Also there is reported to be drilling activity on Ambler Ridge which is the location of an old and very profitable (for more than a century now) oil field.

Jackie Simmons and Donnie Bunner both retired from the Wirt County DOH garage. Both spent a lot of time in the Creston area (Donnie used to do a little courting locally) and their work will be missed here as well as elsewhere in the county.

Auction Saturday Nov. 6 at 6 P. M. Creston Community Building. Christmas items, cheese, pepperoni, misc. 50/50, lots of fun, Bobby Ray Starcher 890-04. Details call Donna Sue at 275-3202.