A STEER CREEK GHOST STORY: 1927 - "It Was Waiting To Receive Guests"

Reported in 1927

Russell Vannoy, Bryan Kendle, John Harris, Charley Harris, Jennie Cottrell, Harley Vannoy, Lula Metz, Ermal Metz, and Monnie Vannoy were visiting the Gideon Godfrey house Saturday night to see a ghost.

To their surprise it was waiting to receive guests. Russell and Bryan first saw it come around the corner of the house. They tried to get hold of it and at that moment it disappeared from sight while the rest of the gang were trembling with fear and thinking of home.

Russell and Bryan went around the house looking for it and at that time the rest of the crowd ventured on the porch and in another moment it was seen by them all.

Then there was screaming and jumping. Russell and Bryan took one more look for the mysterious spirit or ghost and to their disappointment, nothing was to be found.

Then there was a loud scream from an upper chamber of the house.

Every one then thought of home and mother.

Russell Vannoy led down the run with the others bringing up the rear, all at a breakneck speed, or in other words they set the run on fire. On arriving at the home of F. H. Vannoy they told the ghost story.

Francis Vannoy was so scared he did not sleep any during the night. Monnie reached home first. The gang did not believe in ghost, but they are convinced now.

NOTE: This event occurred up the first tributary on the left off Mike's Run. It is commonly known as the "Gid Holler" or the "Gid Godfrey Holler." Francis Vannoy lived on Mikes Run a short distance above where the "Gid Holler" puts into Mikes Run. The Vannoy home is presently the residence of Clarence "Buddy" and Lydia Mae Harris, children of Alva and Delphia Dobbins Harris. - Norma Knotts Shaffer