Assessor Jason Nettles (L) and Gaylen Duskey (R)
meet at Calhoun football game

There is little action in county political races next Tuesday, the most formidable being over who will be assessor.

Incumbent Jason Nettles (Democrat) of Nicut is being challenged by Gaylen Duskey (Republican) of Grantsville.

Nettles, now 24, has been one of the youngest elected officials in West Virginia. He is seeking a second term. "I've always had a strong interest in politics. My main goal has been to treat everyone equally," he said.

Nettles has been continuing his education at Glenville State College, where he is working on a degree in political history.

"I'm hopeful Calhoun voters will re-elect me to the position," Nettles said.

His challenger, Gaylen Duskey, 56, is a long-time businessman with years of journalism experience. Duskey said "I have always maintained assessor is a non-partisan job. And I still do."

He said going through a partisan election hit home when he was talking to his dad George Duskey Jr., of Hog Knob, who is a lifelong Democrat. His dad said, "You are only the second Republican I have ever voted for."

"That told me just how partisan it is," said Duskey. "That's why I am asking that partisan barriers be broken."

"I'm confident I have the skills and knowledge for the job," he said.

Democrats outnumber Republicans about three and a half to one in Calhoun County.

The other contested local race is Republican Charlie McKown challenging Bill Stemple for a seat in the House of Delegates.

County voters will also be making a decision on a supplemental levy for the county school system.