Lost in the political battles before next Tuesday's General Election is a little known constitutional amendment on the West Virginia ballot.

It is a constitutional amendment that would give bonuses to veterans who served in Kosovo, Afghanistan or Iraq, and to families of those who were killed.

As many as 2,900 veterans could qualify for a bonus of $400 or $600.

The families of veterans killed in any of the three campaigns may qualify for $2,000.

Gov. Bob Wise asked the legislature to spend up to $8 million as a token of the state's appreciation.

The amendment allows the state to increase or impose a new tax if necessary to make the payments.

Wise is currently on a six-city tour to encourage voters to approve the amendment to the constitution.

"West Virginia soldiers have a long history of responding when our country is in danger," he said.

State residents have approved bonus payments for vets from other wars.