EARLY VOTING GETTING RECORD NUMBERS - WV Has Highest Registration Since 1952

Get out the vote early appears to be working around the state.

Calhoun County Clerk Richard Kirby said nearly 300 voters have already cast their ballots in Calhoun. "At least 50 came in Saturday and voted," he said.

Both parties have been encouraging early voting.

More than 65,000 West Virginians have registered to vote since the May primary,the state's highest number of registered voters since 1952.

The Secretary of State's office show that more than one-million-one-hundred-sixty-eight-thousand state residents registered in time to vote for the General Election.

Democrats still out number Republicans by nearly two-to-one.

However, the GOP has gained more than 27,000 voters since the primary, while the Democrats gained about 25,000.