News and photos by Diana Bailey

The Calhoun 4-H Halloween Party was held at the Mt. Zion Community Park Saturday. It was great fun for the young and old.

Over 60 attended, which included parents, members and their guests. The evening started with Nancy Bremar, Calhoun 4-H Firedog Leader welcoming everyone to the party.

The evening continued with the costume judging. Judges were Glenna Fleming and Margie Evans from the Arnoldsburg CEOs Club.

They selected Prettiest-Maria Kisner; Ugliest-Jordan Baker; Grossest-Jeremy Watkins; Scariest-Ann Frymier and Most Original-Eric Buchanan.

Each winner took home a plastic pumpkin full of candy from Grantsville Guppies Leader, Sandy McCumbers.

Tammy and Ronnie Jett, leaders of the West Fork Mountaineer decorated the building with the help of Joe Shook. A thank you was given to leader David Weaver of the Mt. Zion Cardinals, for allowing 4-H to use the building and for opening and closing the park.

Kelley Houchin of the Arnoldsburg Eagles led the games. The group enjoyed bobbing for apples, drawing on pumpkins, grabbing for donuts, Simon says, gum relay, and a tissue paper relay.

Dan Cosgrove and Phil Kisner were great Simon Says Leaders, and Jeff Houchin brought many of the game supplies.

A sheet cake was donated by Grantsville Foodland and folks took home a goody bag full of candy.

The local WVU Extension Service says "A big thank you for all of the hours the volunteers put into our county. Every one of you have made a big difference in our Extension Office this year."