DEMS ENCOURAGE EARLY VOTING - Party Faithful Attend Weekend Dinner


Sen. Jeff Kessler and Del. Bill Stemple speak to party faithful

Group enjoys pot-luck dinner before rally

Calhoun Democrats had a get-together and dinner at Arnoldsburg Saturday to unite the party to vote for Democratic candidates. "Working and middle class people have much at stake," said party chairperson Marge Evans.

"We are hopeful Democrats will get out and vote early this year by going to the County Clerk's office," said Evans.

"If people need a ride to the polls," please call us," she said.

Call 655-8550 or 655-7369 for a ride to the polls.

Delegate Bill Stemple said that "John Kerry earned the right as a decorated solider to oppose the Vietnam War," which history indicates was a poor decision by the US government.

Stemple introduced Sen. Jeff Kessler who spoke about the inordinate attack to defeat Supreme Court Justice Warren McGraw .

He asked "Does anybody really believe Massey Coal and other coal interests are spending $4 million to defeat McGraw 'For the Sake of Kids'?" referring to political ads attacking McGraw.

Several candidates spoke after a pot-luck dinner was served.

Party invigorates for November 2nd ...

... which is coming soon