Grantsville resident David Starkey was sent to the West Virginia Penitentiary for a period of not less than one year nor more than five years for conspiracy to commit breaking and entering.

Judge Evans denied a request by Starkey's attorney to place him on probation and home confinement.

Earlier in the week Calhoun resident Jeremy Collins was sentenced to the West Virginia State penitentiary on two counts of uttering.

Judge David Nibert ordered Collins to serve two sentences, one to ten years each.

The court ordered Collins to make restitution to the victim Daniel Harper in the amount of $1,050.

Collins allegedly obtained a checkbook belonging to Harper and passed several checks in Calhoun and Roane Counties.

Collins was also charged in Roane County after reportedly uttering a $500 check at the First National Bank.

Grantsville resident William Bohn was sentenced this week in Calhoun Circuit Court on drug charges and grand larceny.

The state had recommended that Bohn be "sentenced to a term of confinement in the state penitentiary because the state believes the defendant would not benefit from being placed in the Anthony Center."

Judge Thomas Evans III, after hearing testimony, sentenced Bohn to six months in Central Regional Jail, with credit for time served, and a further sentence to Anthony Center for a period of not less than six months nor more than two years.

Other court action:

- Josh Bond, pre-trial motions 11/8/04, trial set for 12/20/04, attorney Drew Patton.

- James Blankenship, pre-trial motions 2/9/05, trial set for 3/22/05, attorney Dennis Curry.

- John B. Shock, Jr., return to court on 12/20/04.

- John M. Richards, trial scheduled for 2/22/05, Shannon Baldwin attorney.

- Mathew Verbus, status hearing on 11/8/04, Shannon Baldwin attorney.

- Jeremy Collins, sentenced to state penitentiary two years.

- Brandon Rose, pre-trial motions 1/25/05, Dennis Curry attorney.

- Christopher Collins, entry of plea 11/4/04, trial set for 1/6/05, Kevin Postalwait attorney.

- Eric Marks, entry of plea 11/4/04, George Cosenza attorney.