Danny Minigh of Webster County has been charged with one count of operating a clandestine drug lab by a Braxton County Grand Jury. His arraignment was continued to October 15.

Minigh was arrested during a traffic stop at Burnsville in a van that contained ingredients for a meth lab.

Minigh reportedly used a false name at the time of his arrest. State Police indicated charges would be brought against him for providing false information and obstructing.

Braxton County State Police said Danny Minigh had no identification on his person when he was stopped, and used a Glenville man's name and date of birth. That individual complained about his name being used with a regional jail picture of the incarcerated man.

There was no indictment for obstructing or giving false information.

The traffic stop resulted in the discovery of a van which contained ingredients for a meth lab. One or more of the suspects disclosed that a meth lab was stored near Grantsville.

Danny Minigh was arrested with James "Bub" Jones and George Duskey, both of Grantsville, related to a meth lab that was stored in a residence on Hog Knob near Grantsville.