MHHCC RELEASE by Steve Whited

Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, Inc (MHHCC) has announced in recent days that flu vaccine is in limited supply.

As of October 12, 2004, MHHCC has issued or scheduled all available flu vaccines.

In the wake this situation, MHHCC is issuing a "Flu Fighter Check List," recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

The flu vaccine shortage is not limited to our community, but the whole United States.

Washing hands is the single most important activity a person can do to avoid getting the flu. Eat a balanced diet, get proper amounts of sleep, and exercise regularly Limit your time in the presence of people infected with the flu.

If you think that you have been infected with the flu, contact your medical provider and schedule an appointment. If infected, there are antiviral drugs that can be taken if you did not receive the flu vaccine. These drugs have been shown to be nearly 80% effective in reducing the severity and duration of influenza A (as stated by the CDC).

The vaccine is in high demand and low supply, thus causing many problems. MHHCC will continue to search for the flu vaccines to distribute to our community.