By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

There were 63 riders for the "Thank You" ATV run October 9 at the Creston Community Building. Chancy Shaw built a big bonfire, Garrell C. McKown fetched down some cider, Jack Nutter, Rod Lynch & others laid out the route & hauled wood and the Creston cooks fixed up some of the best hot dog sauce ever and Betty, Wanda, Rod and Gloria, along with a volunteer school teacher from Wood County fixed up and served goodies to those who made the fun run. Dana Dalton and Christopher Wilkerson were the 50/50 winners. One of the highlights, so to speak of the run was a big bobcat that was in the road out on Davidson Ridge.

Donna Sue pointed out that more candy is needed for the Halloween party. For particulars one can call her at 275-3202.

At long last the Creston litter clean up was done without rain. Danielle found an unopened Burger King toy as well as some pink feathers from someone's thong. Amy found part of a chain and imagined she was "on a chain gang picking up litter". The workers dined on goodies both before and after the pickup.

Margie Hall, age 92 of Burning Springs, passed away after a long illness. She was the widow of William "Bung" Hall.

It seems that there has been quite a bit of commotion in the area, especially as it relates to the animal kingdom. One of those big long tailed tan kitty cats that the DNR claims that they didn't turn loose is apparently in the Ann's Run section.

A cow with an ear tag showed up at the Shaw residence on Ground Hog Ridge. The owner can claim by describing and giving the tag number.

Hannah, Amy N. and Donna Sue Ferrell were among those calling on Danielle Duckworth and Jackie Nutter.

Ralph Griffin has been a patient in the St. Joseph Hospital.

Nancy, Jane and Granby Engelke attended Kolten Parsons' birthday party. The theme was Schreck. Nancy and Jane also attended the Miss Ohio River Scholarship Program Saturday evening

Nancy Engelke consulted with Dr. Schwartz at his office in Athens, Ohio. Because of the insurance mess made by the slicksters down at the Mouth of the Elk River, he, along with many more, moved his practice out of state. Those who watched the gubernatorial debate reported that Broadway Joe was speechless when it was brought out that he had been flying around in a plane and riding in a vehicle with a fellow convicted of vote fraud while being the chief elections officer for the State so if he gets in it will likely be more of the same for an extended period of time.

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Rollins were calling in Creston over the weekend.

Charles Russell attended the FFA beef barbecue at the high school in Elizabeth.

A handsome young chap went shopping in Grantsville and purchased a ring which he put on a comely lass's finger. She asked, "What is this for?" and, of course, he replied, "We going get married!" Details are available.

Some folks had a hayride down the Richardsonville Road Sunday afternoon.

Gail Grim who now lives in Florida was visiting area relatives and friends.

According to traffic on the scanner, the local High Sheriff assisted by some of the DPS folks had a big raid in the area. One local landowner saw two fellows in camo on four wheelers coming off his hill but learned that they were not part of the raid but only poachers who, next time, will get a "warm" welcome.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Nutter, Patty Hall and daughter Diana were among those calling on Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell and family.

Jacques Frost was calling in the neighborhood last week making for beautiful leaves in some sections. Fog along the West Fork and the Little Kanawha kept him from doing damage. Speaking of French guys it is clear now that they were on the take on the UN Oil for Food Program which is why they and their fancily coifed buddy in the U. S. Senate tried to protect Saddam & Co.

The folks who purchased the old Kirby place are cleaning up around the old house that Wally Board tore down.

Don Runyon moved his timber operation out of Honey Run and up on Ann's Run where he is harvesting a fine timber stand. He also found one of Russell Hupp's gas lines. Dick Waybright was in a discussion concerning the local operation and it was noted that the Albany Ohio butt log harvester was not a member of the forestry association. It was also noted that when one hires a consultant to do a sale one usually gets 80% more that if one did it on 50/50, etc as there are ways to fudge the numbers on what the real price is, etc.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil is now $49.75/bbl. One of the reasons for the increase was hurricane damage to production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.

The snake oil venders from down at the Mouth of Elk River have been busy down in Wood County promoting county consolidation. Now they call it "Metro Government" and, apparently, it is coupled with lots of cash for the folks in the Wood County school reconstruction business. The new spin seems to be more federal (read taxpayer) dollars for "the needy."

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will hold its annual meeting Tuesday, October 19 at 6:30 P. M. at the high school cafeteria in Elizabeth. Farm Bureau will furnish the meat while members and friends are asked to bring a covered dish. Dr. Joe Starcher, a veterinarian for the W. Va. Dept. of Agriculture will speak on farm premise ID numbers and the tracking labels cattle and other animals will have to have as a result of the "mad cow" scare, etc.