Brian Mitchell Jarvis, 27 of Chloe, WV to Wanda Marchell Donaldson, 38 of Chloe, on September 4 by Rev. Darius Arnold

John Dewitt Cain, 41 of Burnsville, WV to Cheryl Darlene Bell, 47 of Burnsville, on September 4 by Kevin Church

Douglas Paul Starcher, 36 of Arnoldsburg, WV to Stacie Leigh Cain of Grantsville, WV, 32 on September 5 by Barry A. Miller

Larry James McDonald, 58 of Mt. Zion, WV to Charlotte Ann Stevens, 53 of Mt. Zion, on September 12 by Rick Swearengin

Brian Elwood Lamont, Jr., 27 of Grantsville, WV to Shannon Renee Riffle, 21 of Grantsville, on September 17 by Davis Nibert

Brian Scott Wagoner, 23 of Sand Ridge, WV to Lori Lea Holbert, 27 of Grantsville, WV, on September 25 by Larry Jones

Dennis Dewayne Hall, 37 of Sand Ridge, WV to Lisa Dae King, 32 of Spencer, WV, on September 26 by Rick Swearengin

Douglas N. McCormick, 44 of Grantsville, WV to Janet Faye Lewis, 40 of Grantsville, on September 30 by Rev. Richard Metheney


Pamela Jane Predmore, 41, from Joseph Daron Predmore, 41, on September 2

Ronald L. Predmore Jr., 36, from Kim M. Ross, 35, on September 2

Bessie Ann Arthur, 80, from Merwin Roland Belcher, 79, on September 13