By David Hedges Publisher
Times Record-Roane County Reporter

Only five counties in the state had a lower college-going rate than Roane last year.

Roane also had the region's second highest percentage of freshmen taking remedial courses in college, according to a report just released by the W.Va. Higher Education Policy Commission.

Some 45 percent of the county's 2003 graduates who enrolled in college that fall had to take a remedial course in some subject, including 33 percent in math and 22 percent in English, the study said.

Only Calhoun County, at 59 percent, was higher in the eight-county region known as RESA V.

Only 13 counties in the state had a higher percentage of college freshman taking remedial courses, led by Gilmer County at 85 percent. Overall 36 percent of the state's 2003 high school graduates who enrolled in the state's public colleges and universities were required to complete a remedial course.

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