MORE MESSY MEZZ LETTERS FOUND - Mezzatesta Still Under Scrutiny

Investigators at the WV Legislature say they have found several more letters that were faked during a scheme to deter the state Ethics Commission from investigating former House Education Chairman Jerry Mezzatesta.

The letters were allegedly backdated to 2002 and 2003.

Mezzatesta's wife and another legislative staffer reportedly faked and backdated a letter to the state school superintendent.

House Speaker Bob Kiss has removed Mezzatesta as House Education chairman.

The Ethics Commission continues to investigate whether Mezzatesta violated a 1999 agreement and improperly sought state funds for his school system in Hampshire County.

State School Superintendent David Stewart has said he believes there was no wrongdoing on Mezzatesta's part.

Mezzatesta has returned to his school board job in Hampshire County, where is seeking re-election to the legislature.

Meanwhile, the president of a state teacher's union is calling for him to resign.