Wells visits Mr. and Mrs. Denver Garretson at Senior Center

Democratic congressional candidate Erik Wells was in Grantsville yesterday seeking support for his "grass roots" candidacy, opposing Shelly Moore Capito.

Wells, who visited Grantsville's Senior Center, said "I live the issues and understand the working families of West Virginia."

"Like never before, this time it matters," he told seniors.

Wells, and his wife Natalie Tennant, are former TV news anchors, and was readily recognized by many of the seniors.

"It is time we have a representative in Congress who is working for the people and not the president," he said.

He says he will work for affordable health-care and help reform NAFTA to stop the loss of American jobs.

Wells, who is a Lt. in the U. S. Naval Reserves and has been a member of a labor union, says he will stand up for veterans and veteran's benefits.

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