ROANE METH LAB CASES DOMINATE GRAND JURY - Arnoldsburg Resident Indicted On Malicious Wounding

Ten of nineteen indictments by a Roane County Grand Jury are linked to suspected operation of three meth labs.

A number of others have been charged or convicted over illegal meth production in Roane.

At least nineteen Ritchie County residents have been charged with meth lab operations, according to Ritchie County authorities.

Two of the indictments in connection with a meth lab operating just outside the Spencer city limits were against Richard E. Conley, 46, who was charged with operating a clandestine lab in the home at 166 Arnoldsburg Road, while Tammy Anderson, 33, was charged with delivery of methamphetamine.

At least two Calhoun residents have been arrested regarding a meth lab, James Michael "Bub" Jones, 33, of Hog Knob Hill and George Richard Duskey, 27, of Grantsville.

A Roane grand jury has also indicted Darrell E. Blake Jr., 33, of Arnoldsburg for two counts each of malicious wounding and assault on an officer and single counts of battery and obstructing an officer. Blake is charged with a January incident in which he allegedly struck one man, kicked another and choked a female before trying to strike two police officers.

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