CLAY MAN ARRESTED FOR JURY TAMPERING - No-Show Commissioner To Porta-Potty Snake Bites

A Clay County man who allegedly violated his probation for jury tampering has been arrested in Kanawha County.

Eric Pierson was arrested by Kanawha County sheriff's Deputy B.K. Carper yesterday on a bench warrant issued by Clay County Circuit Court.

Pierson reportedly violated his jury duty when he contacted the defendant by telephone after court and told her that he and other jurors believed she was innocent, according to Clay County Sheriff Harald Fields.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and was placed on probation.

Now he has allegedly refused to take drug tests and alluded police.

Pierson will be returned to Clay County to face the charges.


- It was not learned if Clay County Commissioner Mathew Bragg made yesterday's county commission meeting. If he didn't, it means five months of drawing a government pay check with no service to the county. Clay County commissioners prior to Bragg have set a precedent for not showing.

- Fitzwater's rental house burned to the ground a suspected arson on Camp Creek hill, according to the Clay Communicator.

- A tractor trailer carrying 100 cows overturned on I-79 sending the bovine scattered up and down the interstate. Thousands of vehicles were diverted on Route 4, causing a massive traffic jam on the two lane highway.

- A Clay magistrate sentenced Thomas Franklin King to eight years in jail for bashing in car windshields in June. The Clay Communicator reports "Getting tough costs money. Since the charges were misdemeanors, the county will have to pay for the time away from home to the tune of $141,620."

- Judge Alsop sentenced Tonya Salisbury to one year for the killing of her husband Chad in Sept. 2002. However, she will be out of jail in 5 1/2 months for time served.

- Lest we forget the highlight of the Golden Delicious Apple Festival as reported in the Clay Communicator: "A carnival worker went to do his business behind the IGA store in one of those little blue plastic porta poopers. With his pants to his knees, a snake bit him you know where. An ambulance was summoned and off to the hospital he did go. The snake was also treated and released."