Tommy Young Sr. of Maysel, Clay County, who was recently charged with shooting Richard Cummings on Murder Mountain, has been released from Central Regional Jail.

With bond set at $150,000.00 for five felony charges, Young reportedly provided the bondsman $15,000 or the necessary 10%. Young had been arrested for malicious wounding and wanton endangerment, related to the shooting of Richard Cummings.

Police described a "warfare" between several individuals who lived on Murder Mountain.

Richard Cummings was allegedly shot by Young, after which he managed to stumble to a neighbor's house. Police found Cummings on a front porch with several gunshot wounds to his body.

He was accompanied by several of his small children, reportedly being chased by Tommy Young, Sr., Tommy Young, Jr. and a 12-year-old Jacob Young.

Some of those suspects reportedly fired on Cummings' mobile home, striking Cummings who was inside. Cummings ran from his dwelling and was again struck by gunfire, said the report.

Cummings himself was later issued charges and placed in Central Regional Jail. Tommy Young, Jr. is also incarcerated on multiple charges related to the shoot-out.

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