KACY HARRIS HAS DIED - A Life-Long Struggle With Cystic Fibrosis Has Ended


Kacy Harris greeting those who
came to the fundraiser last weekend

Kacy Harris has died.

A life-long struggle with cystic fibrosis has ended.

Kacy's condition turned critical after a fundraiser this past weekend at the Mt. Zion Drive-in Theater.

She had been in critical condition at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.

"She didn't have the lung capacity to get rid of the carbon dioxide and she had been placed on a Pipap machine, which forces air into her lungs," said her sister Alica Swearingen.

"She has been sick for so long, she didn't have the capacity to continue breathing."

"She was still asking about her friends yesterday."

Kacy had been on the list to receive a double lung transplant and the Calhoun community had been rallying to help raise funds for the surgery.

Her family and friends will always remember her brave fight for life, her spirit and her engaging personality, living one day at a time.

Funeral arrangements will be completed at Stump Funeral Home.