"DELBARTON PUT UNDER SIEGE" - Suit Goes To Jury, Massey Coal Reneged On Promise

"Delbarton was put under siege" because it was in the way of Massey's billion-dollar coal reserves, says Charleston attorney Brian Glasser.

About 250 residents of the Mingo County community say Massey failed to meet its obligations to replace their water supplies.

The water disappeared after the company began mining coal beneath their homes.

After five weeks of testimony, a lawsuit filed against Massey has gone to the jury. A jury had earlier determined that Massey was responsible.

Now jurors must decide how much to award in damages and whether to award extra money to punish Massey for its behavior - agreeing to take care of the problem but not doing it.

The plaintiffs allege Massey never did anything to make sure the water it brought to the community was safe to drink, and some residents got sick drinking the water.