DOG "MAULS" GRANTSVILLE WOMAN - Pit Bull-Boxer Escapes Pen


Law enforcement speaking to individuals involved in dog biting incident

Dogs taken from property to Cain's Vet Clinic for boarding

A Grantsville woman was reportedly "mauled" by a pit bull-boxer dog which escaped from a pen on the north side of the town Sunday evening.

The dog either went through a gate or jumped a fence and attacked Sherry McCormick, about 38, who was walking down the road.

Calhoun Sheriff Allen Parsons, Trooper 1st Class Jeffery Hunt and DNR officer Tom Fox responded to the Thomas Nicholson-Teresa Collins residence at 6:45 p.m. where the situation was reported as tense after the episode.

McCormick was taken to Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center suffering from dog bites to the leg. The woman was reportedly drug across the highway by the dog and down an embankment next to the Little Kanawha River. A family member said "There was blood on the highway and down the river bank."

Sheriff Allen Parsons ordered the biting dog and other dogs to be taken to Cain's Vet Clinic, saying "I don't believe they were secured by the fence," which was erected around a mobile home to contain several animals.

The investigation into the matter is continuing, said Parsons.