Calhoun County Schools will be conducting speech, language, vision and hearing screenings for all students entering school. This is the first time for a comprehensive screening in West Virginia. It will begin September 13 and continue through September 17.

Referrals made at the spring Preschool/Kindergarten Screening and individuals considered at high risk for potential problems as suspected by parents, teachers, or other parties will also be screened at this time.

This screening will enable the county school system to identify children who may have problems with speech, language, vision or hearing.

The vision screening will consist of the Snell en tumbling E and symbols screening apparatus. The student will identify objects and letters from a ten-foot distance while covering one eye.

During the hearing screening the student listens to three pitches in each ear presented at approximately half the loudness of normal conversational speech.

During the screening for middle ear disorders, a soft, small rubber tip attached to the measuring instrument is placed in the outer ear canal. Mild air pressure and a tone are applied to the area to measure the movement of the eardrum.

The speech and language screening will consist of an articulation and language test given on an individual basis.

Parents will be informed in writing if the screening indicates a child needs follow-up services.

Parents who object to a child participating in this screening, they should notify the school principal in writing within the next ten days.

For further assistance or information, please contact the Federal Programs Director at 354-7011, ext. 17.