DMV OFFERS MANDATORY ATV TRAINING - Spencer Regional Office Will Have Classes

If you're under 18 and ride an ATV, listen up.

Mandatory safety training for young riders of ATVs has started on Wednesdays at 21 regional offices of the state Division of Motor Vehicles.

The free training for riders under age 18 is specified in West Virginia's new ATV safety law. The law was passed by legislators after seven years of debate.

The training is a one-class session that features a nationally certified safety video, followed by a quiz.

Riders who pass the quiz will be given a certificate for their wallets. Young riders won't be required to demonstrate their driving skills.

The classes will be held Monday through Friday and riders must schedule them in advance. The training must be completed by New Year's Day.

In addition to the training, young ATV riders must wear protective headgear.