"WAR" BREAKS LOOSE ON CLAY'S MURDER MOUNTAIN - Richard Cummings Shot, Tommy Young Sr. Arrested, More Shooting Reported


Since Monday night hundreds of rounds of automatic rifle fire has been heard on "Murder Mountain," the Ovapa section of Clay County near the Grannies Creek section of Roane County.

"It sounds like a war zone," said a neighbor, who declined to be identified.

State Police have arrested Tommy Young, Sr., 37 (pictured left) for what a police report says is malicious wounding and wanton endangerment, related to the shooting of Richard Cummings. Young is being held in Central Regional Jail.

State policemen Stephenson, Wiles and Elswick have been responding to what has been described as "warfare" between several individuals who live on Murder Mountain. Gunfire was continuing yesterday afternoon.

Richard Cummings was allegedly shot by Young, after which he managed to stumble to a neighbor's house. Police found Cummings on a front porch with several gunshot wounds to his body.

Reports indicated Cummings was being chased by Tommy Young, Sr. and Tommy Young, Jr. and a 12-year-old minor.

Some of these suspects reportedly fired on a Cummings mobile home, striking Cummings who was inside. Cummings ran from his dwelling and was again struck by gunfire, said the report.

Cummings was treated and released for his injuries. He has reportedly been arrested Wednesday evening, the charges not learned.

Reports said that Richard Cummings had allegedly shot a man in the head, but the name was not available.

Some of the principal parties in the current affray on Murder Mountain were connected with the Judd Reid murder case at Tariff in Roane County.

Reid was murdered by Tattoo Vince Goloslow and his body dumped on Pisgah Ridge near Clay, assisted by Richard Cummings and his girlfriend. Both testified against Goloslow in the trial.

A Wirt County man identified as Russell Davis, has just been arrested in a drug bust near Creston. He was present when the Reid murder happened at Tattoo Vince's Roane County farm and testified against him in the murder case.

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