WEST NILE FOUND IN MORE BIRDS - Tyler Man Says Mosquito Breeding Act Of God

Birds with West Nile Virus have been detected in Wood County twice this past week, after one other bird was identified earlier with the disease.

Williamstown homeowner Leonard Rabatin found a Grackle, which looks like a black bird with a purple head. It was falling over and foaming at the mouth near his home.

Steve Bayer with the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department confirms the bird was infected with West Nile Virus.

A sparrow with the virus was also found last week in Parkersburg.

Earlier this month a blue jay found in Mineral Wells had a confirmed case of West Nile.

Meanwhile, a Tyler County landowner accused of providing mosquito breeding grounds on his property has filed a counterclaim against the Wetzel-Tyler County Health Department.

Delbert Doak of Middlebourne says in the suit that the breeding of mosquitoes and "other natural vermin" is an act of God.

He faces a hearing in September in Tyler Circuit Court on charges he didn't clean up three of his properties.

The Wetzel-Tyler County Health Department say four species of mosquitoes were found breeding in standing water in old tires, machinery and vehicle parts on Doak's land.