EIGHTEEN SETS OF BLUEGRASS MUSIC - 7th Annual Festival Concludes With Giant Fireworks


Bud Keen and Country Mix performed yesterday afternoon

Cloggers take to the dance floor

The 7th Annual Fireman's Bluegrass Festival will have its fullest schedule today at the Upper West Fork Park with eighteen sets of bluegrass music starting at 10 a.m. and ending at midnight.

Tonight will be the "biggest fireworks ever" starting at 9:30 p.m.

Last night more than thirty girls vied in the Miss Bluegrass Pageant.

Some of the performers include Kill Buck Valley Bluegrass, Denny Dobbins and Friends, Bill Triplett and Big Otter Bluegrass, Ray Cadle and the Green Mountain Boys, Weekend Grass, Bud Keen and Country Mix, Spirits of Bluegrass, Backwoods Bluegrass Band, Muddy Krick Mountain Boys, among others.

Admission to the park is $5 for adults.

Other attractions include a pig roast, bingo and several special events.

Bill Triplett and Big Otter Bluegrass

Enjoying festival tunes