A Grantsville man was in Calhoun Circuit Court yesterday before Judge David W. Nibert, facing two counts of delivery of a controlled substance.

Garland Ray Nichols is standing trial after being arrested for a "controlled purchase" arranged by the State Police.

Two witnesses took the stand for the prosecution, alleging Nichols sold them marijuana after they were wired by State Trooper Fred Hammack.

Tape recordings of the transaction were played for the jury.

Trooper Hammack also took the stand, entering evidence which included marijuana found in a Tupperware container discovered at the Nichols residence.

After obtaining a search warrant for Nichols' residence, Hammack testified marked bills used in the transaction were found in a safe belonging to the man.

"I found $916 in the safe, including the marked bills," said Hammack, who entered the marked bills into evidence.

Hammack said he also found marijuana in a wallet belonging to Nichols and indicated there was marijuana in a tobacco can.

A considerable time was spent Monday morning seating a jury, with some jurors apparently being excused because of their beliefs about the criminality of marijuana or its use.

The trial will resume at 9 a.m. today.

Nichols is being represented by attorney Ernie Skaggs.

Three other cases have been rescheduled:

- State vs. John B. Shock, Jr.

- State vs. Jeremy Collins

- State vs. John M. Richards