WEST VIRGINIA KNIFE AND GUN CLUB - Mother-Daughter Stabbed To Death, Man Sentenced For Stabbing Woman 233 Times, Wal-Mart Sued For Selling Gun To Mentally Ill Man

MOTHER AND CHILD STABBED TO DEATH - A Mother and daughter were stabbed to death yesterday in Pinch, Kanawha County, allegedly by the woman's husband.

Kanawha County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lieutenant Jess Bailes didn't specify whether the eleven-year-old girl is the daughter or the stepdaughter of the suspect.

The suspect called 9-1-1 early yesterday saying he had stabbed his wife and child.

When emergency services arrived they found the girl's body on the porch and the mother's inside the apartment.

The suspect was calm and cooperative and was taken into custody.

MAN STABS PARAPLEGIC GIRLFRIEND 233 TIMES - An Ohio man has been convicted for a second time of killing his paraplegic girlfriend in a Wheeling motel room by stabbing her 233 times.

A jury deliberated 10 hours over two days this week before convicting Yassir Abdelhaq of Lakewood, Ohio of first-degree murder.

They recommended Abdelhaq be sentenced to life in prison without mercy.

The original conviction was overturned by the West Virginia Supreme Court because an investigating police officer was on the grand jury that indicted Abdelhaq in 2000.

Dana Tozer was found in a Wheeling motel bathroom in November 1999.

WAL-MART SUED FOR SELLING GUN - The family of a man who killed his sister before committing suicide is suing Wal-Mart for selling David Mendez a rifle and Berkeley County because deputies did not take the firearm from him the day before the killings.

Mendez was a paranoid schizophrenic and manic depressive and had not taken his medication for days before the apparent murder-suicide.

Martinsburg Wal-Mart employees sold him a Savage .243 caliber rifle despite Mendez "exhibiting bizarre and suspicious behavior demonstrating his mental instability."

The lawsuit says deputies responding to a call from a shooting range did not take the rifle from Mendez even though he told them to arrest him and that he had not been taking his medication.

The next day Mendez killed his 20-year-old sister Alicia Mendez and himself with the rifle.