MIDDLE SCHOOL PLAYGROUND A GO - Equipment Has Been Purchased

Equipment for the Calhoun Middle School playground has been ordered, according to Grantsville resident Jan Whited, who has been working to form a committee to get the project moving.

Whited said "We still need parents and volunteers to prepare the site and erect the equipment."

"The project is moving ahead and we hope so see it completed this fall," she said. Whited said she was using $10,000 from a Budget Digest grant to purchase tether balls, basketball games, volleyball equipment and benches.

The playground will be located at the end of the school building, with pea gravel being used for a surface. A fence is being constructed around the area.

"It will make a nice area for recreation, including being safe," she concluded. "But we really need help."

Whited may be reached at 354-6452.