By Bob Weaver

A graduate of the Class of 2004 at Calhoun High School is being charged with first degree murder.

Christopher D. Cox, 19, of Spencer is being taken into custody by Sgt. Darrin Campbell and the West Virginia State Police following an all-night investigation of the crime scene along U. S. 33-119 in Calhoun County, near the intersection of Pink Road.

Cox allegedly shot and stabbed a man identified as Russell Metz, whose body was discovered in a cabin a short distance off U. S. 33-119 near the Calhoun-Roane line.

The relationshop between Cox and Metz has been variously reported, but a recent source says Metz was Cox's birth father's cousin. Cox is adopted.

The Spencer Police Department learned about the murder after Cox's mother, Christine Cox, reportedly called authorities.

One of the murder weapons was described as .22 magnum rifle.

Cox reportedly stole and carried away property of the deceased, according to a police report.

Sources said Cox had transferred from Roane County to Calhoun to attend school, and had been on probation for problems which he had earlier experienced.

The Spencer Police Department advised State Police in Calhoun County about 7:20 p.m. last night that a murder "has been reported in your county."

Sgt. Darrin Campbell of the Grantsville Detachment reportedly talked with officers in Spencer and responded to the alleged crime scene with other troopers from Calhoun.

The body has been sent to the State Medical Examiners Office in Charleston. Calhoun Coroner Neil Stump went to the scene.

The State Police Crime Lab was also called to the scene.

Numerous reports surfaced about the alleged murder throughout the evening, but authorities kept a tight lid on the incident.

Cox is expected to be arraigned this morning.