BOBBY RAY STARCHER'S REUNION - Remembering Donald Lee Edgell, Bumpy Roads And Kelsey's Bus


Bobby Ray conducts his auction

Looking for crawl-dads

After the rain showers, a game of horseshoe

Rowel's Run resident Hollie Murphy enjoys afternoon

By Bob Weaver

The down on the creek Starcher family reunion was held Saturday, with Bobby Ray Starcher welcoming his clan and community members to the annual event. Bobby Ray, not unlike other former Calhouners, has never given up on his roots, in this case on Rowels Run, down the holler from the Village of Hur.

Bobby Ray, who lit in Oil City PA, is well known to locals for his ongoing Creston auction, not to forget the up and coming auction he is doing for the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department on August 8th.

The Hanson Starcher bunch has enjoyed the reunion for several years, which generally includes a number of events for kids, although most of them amuse themselves by playing in the creek. Yesterday they made a mud slide. Mud was everywhere, including the mud attached to the kids. They loved it.

During yesterdays reunion there was considerable discussion in memory of Donald Lee Edgell, a former Rowels native, who returned a couple of weeks ago to say his good-byes before passing away. He was buried last week at Wright Cemetery, not far from his home place - the Lee Edgell farm.

Donald Lee liked to talk about the old days, when Rowels Run road was rough and bumpy, with the road meandering through the creek and going to town was more than a fleeting decision.

Getting out of the holler took effort, not for the squeamish who drive their SUVs down asphalted streets and make-believe they are country adventurers.

Still, in the 21st Century we have the "Holl Kerby Turn," a dip and curve that challenges the best of drivers on a slippery, snowy day.

Donald Lee and Bobby Ray both rode Kelsey Dawson's bus, a contraption made and pasted to an old truck body, which had long benches instead of the comfortable seats of present day.

Its most memorable feature was the lack of a sufficient heater to heat the bus. It kept only Kelsey's feet warm.

While most of the rough and tumble generation is gone, a few cling to reunion times to recall those days at little family get-togethers like the Starcher reunion.