METH LAB SUSPECT TRIED TO SLIT THROAT - Rosedale Pot Growing Busted, Women Arrested Trying To Sneak Pot Into Jail

The Braxton County State Police were using a "saturation patrol" last Thursday when they discovered a van carrying items for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

That discovery led to a search warrant being issued for a house near Grantsville where a meth lab was located.

Authorities arrested James Jones and George Duskey of Grantsville and Danny Minigh of Webster County. All were charged with felony drug charges relating to the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Danny Minigh, according to State Police, used the name of an innocent party, Roger Lee Minigh of Gilmer County at the time of his arrest. Minigh will be also charged with giving false information.

The Braxton Citizen's News reports that while State Police were interviewing the three suspects at the Sutton detachment, Danny Minigh pulled out a knife they believe he had hidden in his shoes.

Minigh then attempted to cut his own throat. Sgt. Bonazzo and Tpr. Huddleston attempted to talk Minigh into putting the knife down, the paper said.

Sgt. Bonazzo and Tpr. Huddleston reportedly wrestled the knife away as the man began cutting his throat. EMS was called and Minigh was examined before being taken to the Central Regional Jail.

Troopers Yost, Bonazzo and Huddleston traveled to Calhoun County and joined Sr. Trooper J. D. Hunt in searching and finding a meth lab at a residence occupied by James "Bub" Jones about three miles east of Grantsville. (See earlier story HUR HERALD)

Braxton State Police and DEA officials discovered an elaborate indoor marijuana grow room at a residence in Rosedale. A large amount of marijuana and growing equipment was discovered during the search. Charges are currently pending against a Rosedale couple, yet to be identified.

Last Sunday Tpr. Clay of the Sutton Detachment arrested Jessica Hypes, Melony Combs and Joseph Proctor of Nicholas County, on charges relating to bringing controlled substances into a state correctional facility.

Reports said the female subjects tried to bring marijuana into inmates by concealing the drugs in balloons and concealing the balloons on their body.