By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

The regular monthly business meeting of the Creston Community Building will be held on Tuesday, August 3 at 7 P. M. at the Community Building. This is the meeting where nominations will be made for officers for the next year. Also a date will be set for a litter cleanup. The flea market for the raising of funds for the playground equipment will be Saturday, August 7 and the homecoming/open house will be August 15.

The Creston area received some much needed rain. There had been "dry weather showers" but no general rain for quite some time. The tobacco crop is doing well but at the same time two different state agencies are spending money on what might only be someone's opinion fighting "big tobacco" just to show that they can destroy anyone or anybody.

There has been a lot of talk about Sandy "Burglar" and his taking secret documents from the National Archives that might embarrass Bill, Hill and the Catsup Boy. Any ordinary citizen would have been, long ago, in custody.

Gloria Norman has been working up tomatoes.

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Ray Starcher of Oil City Pennsylvania were in Creston to attend the McIntyre reunion.

The comely redhead said that she hoped someone would ask her to go to the Wirt County Fair with him as a date. The fair queen's pageant is Friday August 6 and the fair starts on the 10th.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Juliett Newhouse was visiting Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pennington. Juliett said that grandma's new house was "too big".

Nancy Hall was consulting with her physician. It was reported that Margaret Dooley is much improved.

Sue Farnsworth and Lean Hall were visiting in Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

Frankie Mowrey has been consulting her chiropractor and is now getting around much better. Retired U. S. Navy Commander Steve Mowrey was calling on her.

Some folks spent the weekend at Jerry Crank's place on the West Fork just above Creston.

Some local folks attended the informational meeting on the Tax Increment Financing zone for the Greenbrier Hotel which was held at Lewisburg. The spokesman for the proposed project is a lawyer from the firm of Steptoe & Johnson who said, at this point he was working for free, would not comment on just what was planned in the area other than new sewers which includes one magisterial district and the entire White Sulphur Springs town.

The developer in the TIF zone has the power of condemnation (eminent domain). With the current plan to build 500 homes of over $1.5 million of value each and the other property in the area the value would be over $1 billion and none of the taxes from this property would go to support local governments or schools but would be used for "projects in the TIF zone". It would seem that the state's ruling oligarchy has, once again, made special rules for the privileged to be paid for by ordinary citizens. It was understood that a similar plan is in the works for Snowshoe.

Cap'n Spock was visiting at the head of Millstone in Calhoun County.

Folks who have opinions on what sort of person should be the next Wirt County School Supt. should give their thoughts and comments to the State School Boards Association at or send written comments to Box 1008, Charleston, W. Va. 25324. One would hope that they at least read the comments.

"Pud" Dooley and family moved to Newark.

The price of local crude rose to $38.50/bbl.

Some fellows with local connections were caught running a meth lab up at Booger Hole in Calhoun County. They really weren't the sort of fellows who ever paid much attention in chemistry class, in fact one fellow did not even think that he needed to learn to read.

George Dalton, a representative of Leslie Equipment Co. was attending to business in Creston.

Nancy Engelke and Allison Anderson attended the Oil & Gas Festival Pageant in Sistersville. Ashlee Small was there as visiting royalty representing the Wirt County Fair.

A bureaucrat in the USDA announced that to comply with proposed pollution regulations for the Chesapeake Bay, almost 40% of the farm activity would have to be curtailed. Apparently strip mining, clear cut timber jobs, housing developments, road work, sewage plants, etc. do not pollute. Once the bay job is "complete" they plan to start the same thing on the Gulf of Mexico. After all Albert Gore Jr. said we should get all our food from third world countries.