MISTAKEN IDENTITY IN METH LAB CASE - Wrong Name Used For Arrest And Inmate Photo

There is a case of mistaken identity related to the arrest of suspects connected to a Calhoun County meth lab case.

One of three individuals placed in Central Regional Jail following a traffic stop near Burnsville, Braxton County, was wrongly identified by State Police and Central Regional Jail as Roger Lee Minigh.

Roger Lee Minigh is actually an innocent citizen of Gilmer County, a life-long pipe fitter and has no arrest record.

The suspect's name has now been changed to Danny Minigh.

Roger Lee Minigh's name was given six times in a probable cause search warrant issued by the West Virginia State Police.

A photo of Danny Minigh, the actual suspect, was identified as Roger Lee Minigh on the Central Regional Jail's web site. The web site was corrected Saturday evening.

State Police detachment commander Sgt. Darrin Campbell of Grantsville told the Hur Herald that Braxton County State Police said Danny Minigh had no identification on his person when he was stopped, and used Roger Lee Minigh's name and date of birth.

The traffic stop resulted in the discovery of a van which contained ingredients for a meth lab. One or more of the suspects disclosed that a meth lab was stored near Grantsville.

Sgt. Campbell said charges will be brought against Danny Minigh for obstructing and and giving false information.

Trooper Yost, according to the probable cause search warrant, summoned his supervisor Sgt. John Bonazzo to the traffic stop.

Danny Minigh, who generally makes his residence in Webster County, was arrested with James "Bub" Jones and George Duskey, both of Grantsville.

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