BUBBY IS GONE - Grantsville Dog Had A Good Life


Bubby, Grantsville's well-known dog, has been put down after a long life.

He was everywhere, generally tagging behind his owner Catherine Virden.

Bubby has been her buddy and faithful sidekick for the last 14 years.

"Most everyone asked about him, how he was doing" said Catherine, who could no longer stand his old-age suffering.

Readers may recall Bubby's holiday away from home, reported in 2001.


Catherine Virden went to the courthouse on Tuesday to the Assessor's Office to pay the dog tax on her favorite "Bubby," who trotted along and waited dutifully outside the door. The animal is a well-known pet around Grantsville, and is always at her side. When Catherine came out of the Assessor's office, the dog had vanished and she began the search.

At her wit's end,with no dog found, Catherine figured he might have been locked-up in the county courthouse, so Circuit Clerk Shelia Garretson and others came and unlocked the building on July 4th. No dog was found.

About noon yesterday, July 5, a worker went to the third floor "attic" of the courthouse to discover Bubby, who is getting on in age and has poor hearing.

He was resting.

Bubby was anxious to see human beings and after some serious water drinking, he was returned to Catherine.