UNEMPLOYMENT INCREASES IN 34 COUNTIES - Things Are Going Well In Pendleton County

By Bob Weaver

Pendleton County, with two-point-seven percent unemployment, had the lowest jobless rate last month in the State of West Virginia.

Pendleton County often has fewer unemployed people, indicating things are going well in Pendleton County.

Actually, there are only a handful of jobs open in Pendleton County, the school system, elected officials and a few others, and all the openings are filled.

West Virginia could reach the apex of statistical success - Total Employment - using this model, if more people could die or leave the state.

Unemployment numbers do not count unemployed people after they no longer receive unemployment benefits.

The percentages reflecting joblessness in the Mountain State are generally low, not to worry, often less than five percent.

A no jobs, no people model = good times, good statistics.

Still, thirty-four counties did report a mid-summer increase in unemployment.

Bureau of Employment Programs says unemployment fell in 14 counties last month.

Double-digit unemployment in June was reported in Brooke, Calhoun, Grant, Mason, McDowell and Wirt Counties.