Surrogate parents are needed for students in the Calhoun school system.

A surrogate parent is appointed by the county Board of Education as a student representative in the educational decision making process in place of the child's natural parents or legal guardians.

The responsibilities of a Surrogate Parent:

Become acquainted with the child's educational needs. Review the child's educational, psychological and medical records. Decide whether an evaluation request is appropriate.

If so, sign a consent for the evaluation and assure the child receives one that is appropriate and If not, document reasons for refusing consent.

Be available for an interpretation of the results of the evaluation. Represent the child at the IEP Conference, and insure that the IEP is specific and appropriate for the child's needs.

Participate in Individual Education Program (IEP). Give formal approval of the educational placement, if appropriate.

Participate in an annual review of the child's IEP. Decide whether the re-evaluation request is appropriate. Maintain confidentiality of all student records.

Negotiate with the LEA if there is disagreement with regard to any of the above. Call for a due process hearing if all mediation avenues have not brought a resolution to a disagreement about any of the above and represent the child at a due process hearing throughout the procedures.

If you are interested in becoming a Surrogate Parent, please contact Jane Lynch, Federal Programs Director, at the Board of Education, 354-7011, extension 17.