By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

Don Rhodes, Euell Russell, Glen E. Arthur and Jeff Westfall were among those calling on C. Glen Arthur.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell purchased a motor home to use for parts on their old one but the parts vehicle was better than the one they had.

Mr. Dexterity was concerned the other day when he saw a minnow in distress so he gave it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Unfortunately, he blew too hard and did irreparable damage to the alimentary canal.

The comely redhead reported that she has had no one to cull and is feeling lonely and sad which is hard to understand since she is young, vivacious and personable. In addition, it was reported that her corn bread would beat out the late Wilma Schrader's and her fried 'taters would outdo Bertha Wells' best and when it came to biscuits, she would make Martha White's seem fit only for hockey pucks. All this would raise the question, "Aren't there any good men around here?"

Morris Tanner was calling on Rod Lynch.

Mr. & Mrs. Hie L. Herron were attending to business in Grantsville recently.

Hallie Cunningham was on the sick list while Nathan Belt was able to go back to work.

R. W. Arthur was attending to business in Parkersburg.

A number of local residents attended the telephone link party with the president Thursday evening in Elizabeth. There was a telephone link and the First Lady talked with another group in West Virginia. In addition there was good food as well as conversation, etc. The Wirt County Republican Women put on the program.

The announcement that Gas Search, which has wells in Wirt County, was moving their operations across the river to Ohio drives home the problems the State of West Virginia face in "spite of the prosperity resulting from an almost interrupted 76 year stint of one party rule". However, it seems that the oligarchy that rules down at the Mouth of the Elk River could not care less as it would appear that all that matters that they get enough loot to relocate to Myrtle Beach or some other place populated by "the beautiful people". Out of state firms that operate in West Virginia get to enjoy lower insurance rates and do not have to worry about the workmen's compensation mess. Also, it is reported that other tax filings for out of state firms are "voluntary" since the Jay Boy did away with out of state auditors. After all his family has several out of state firms operating in West Virginia that of course benefit from the status quo.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude rose to $38/bbl. The price of natural gas went up above $6/MCF and domestic gas companies are asking around for gas to buy.

As a result of the heavy loads of logs hauled out of Beaver Dam, cars now drag on the Ann's Run road. Hopefully the DOH will make those who made the big bucks on the logs fix the road. A rough estimate for the repair would be about $50,000 which likely would be a small portion of the value of the timber removed.

There has been quite a bit of discussion over the cuts in welfare payments. Some claim that peer pressure requires children to have fancy threads while others, who didn't breed the urchins, do not really feel obligated to keep and clothe them.