WEST VIRGINIA KNIFE AND GUN CLUB - Stabbed, Bitten, Pay The Phone Bill

STABBED AND BITTEN - A Cutler, Ohio woman, April Runnion, struck back after she was bitten several times over her body and struck with a tire iron and candle holder by Darla Mayle, 48.

Police said Mayle "stabbed" Runnion with a tire iron while accusing Runnion of having an affair with her husband, said authorities.

Washington County police said at the time of the beating Runnion was on her cell phone with Mayle's husband.

Runnion reported she was she bitten repeatedly on the cheek, hand, arms, and legs.

Police have made arrests.

PAY THAT PHONE BILL - An argument about a $400 phone bill turned violent yesterday in Charleston when a man was shot in front of his residence.

Victor L. Walker, 55, was arguing with a woman about the phone bill which the woman apparently had run up at Walker's residence, according to Charleston Police.

When the woman turned to leave her companion allegedly fired several shots with a handgun, hitting Walker in his left thigh.

MAN SHOT IN DRUGSTORE PARKING LOT - A shooting yesterday morning in the parking lot of a South Hills pharmacy injured a South Charleston man identified as Freddie Campbell, 48.

Campbell was shot in the left wrist and left thigh shortly before 5:30 a.m. in the Fruth Pharmacy lot. The store was closed.

Campbell told police he did not know why he was shot. Police are looking for a white sport utility vehicle which left the scene.

14-YEAR-OLD TEEN CHARGED IN SHOOTING - A 14-year-old boy has been charged in a shooting in Huntington, which reportedly has ended in a death.