CALHOUN MAGISTRATES REPORT - Magistrates Robinson And Postalwait

Magistrate Court records are obtained under public information laws, and are published by media in most every county. Records are accessed from a public information computer, available to the general public at the Magistrate Clerk office.

The names of minors are withheld by the court if they have been declared "juvenile cases," otherwise they are on the released list. Newspapers and media under First Amendment law, can print all names and ages if they choose, although most develop policies related to the protection of victimized minors.

The names of individuals who have yet to be served warrants by authorities, could be on the public information list.

The Herald, by policy, does not print single worthless checks, but does publish names linked to multiple worthless checks.

Citations (Tickets) such as, no proof of insurance/registration/operator's are often dropped or dismissed upon proof. Others are assessed fines and/or court cost

(Calhoun) County Sheriff's Department - CSD
West Virginia Department of Public Safety (State Police) - DPS
West Virginia Department of Natural Resources - DNR
(Grantsville) Municipal Police Department MPD
WVDepartment of Highways DOH


Walter Singleton, possession of a controlled substance, on 6/3/04 by DPS

James Blankenship, grand larceny, conspiracy, on 5/24/04 by DPS

Shannon Riffle, grand larceny, conspiracy, on 5/24/04 by DPS

Keith Lamp, grand larceny, conspiracy, on 5/24/04 by DPS


Douglas D. Hess, violation of home confinement order, on 5/21/04 by DPS

Harley Little, driving under the influence, speeding, on 5/31/04 by DNR

Gary Ackley, driver of a vehicle involved in an accident, striking an unattended vehicle, on 5/29/04 by DPS

David S. Starkey, possession of a controlled substance, on 6/1/04 by DPS

Edward A. Piggot, registration violation, trespassing, no proof of insurance, on 5/30/04 by DNR

Opal M. Collins, destruction of property, trespassing, on 1/13/04 by DPS

Jeremy S. Dilgard, defective equipment, driving under the influence, on 6/14/04 by DPS

William Bohn, bond violation, on 6/12/04 by MPD

William A. Shreve, driving under the influence, registration violation, no motor vehicle inspection, no proof of insurance, on 6/12/04 by DPS

William B. Bohn, fleeing, no date by MPD

Gary L. Ackley, leaving a scene with injury, receiving/transferring stolen property, registration violation, no proof of insurance, on 6/19/04 by DPS

Michael McCartney, overtaking and/or passing a stopped school bus, on 6/23/04 by DPS

Brian Knight, dogs running at large, no date, by CSD

Virginia Vandal, dogs killing livestock, dogs running at large, no date by CSD

Harvey Wilson, reckless driving, driving under the influence, on 6/10/04 by MPD

Jacob Jarrell, passing a stopped school bus, by Tom Whipkey complainant, on 6/23/04


Jason D. Allen, trespassing, on 6/7/04 by DNR

Christopher Ferrell, no child restraint, no operators license, on 6/7/04 by DPS

Jessica L. Frederick, no child restraint, on 6/8/04 by DPS

Roberta G. Hall, no motor vehicle inspection, on 6/1/04 by DPS

Shane D. Ingram Jr., reckless driving, on 6/4/04 by CSD

Grace Ann Keafabber, failure to maintain control, driving too fast for road conditions, on 6/26/04 by DPS

Leon E. Kerry, speeding, seat belt violation, on 6/11/04 by DPS

Adam Lane, speeding, defective equipment, on 6/11/04 by DPS

Anthony F. Marks, defective equipment, reckless driving, on 6/14/04 by (not listed)

Veronica May, speeding, on 6/7/04 by DPS

Joshua Allen Moss, defective equipment, change of address, on 6/18/04 by DPS

Joseph M. Sampson, defective equipment, seat belt violation, on 6/27/04 by MPD

Jerome M. Sharp, trespassing, obstruction of an officer, on 6/7/04 by DNR

Harry Siers, speeding, on 6/1/04 by (not listed)

James F. Somerville, trespassing on 6/12/04 by CSD

Jamie Starcher, speeding, on 6/13/04 by MPD