By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

The Creston ATV poker run is scheduled for Saturday morning July 10 at the Community Building. Round up your friends, fill up the tank and have a day of fun seeing some of the scenic sights of the area. There will be 50/50s, prizes, surprises and good food to eat.

Former Creston resident Anthone Plummer won a bicycle helmet at Energy Express in Elizabeth.

Old Brer Game Warden was checking up on some of those who were dining on fresh tasty venison.

Junior Wise said he had been getting along pretty well although he has trouble getting around. He said he keeps up on things by reading the Creston News.

Frank Simmons and Mike Graham have been polishing up a lot of the county with the grass mower thus making the berms look like manicured lawns. They have been doing about 30 acres/day.

The heavy maintenance crew is still working on the road along the West Fork just above Creston.

Mari Hiraki from Tokyo Japan was visiting Diane Ludwig at Newark. Miss Hiraki is a member of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra that played at Point Park at the mouth of the Little Kanawha and at the Julia-Ann tour. She hasn't been in America very long and said that the Wirt County area was very beautiful

. The Old Furniture Salesman reported that Melanie and Mike had a very nice wedding which was highlighted by none other than S. Neil Reed who, along with Kenny Bailey, represented the DOH. The old salesman was real tickled to get to see Neil again.

Mr. & Mrs. Hie L. Herron were attending to business in Grantsville.

Jack & Mary Ann Dobbins recently moved to Elizabeth. Jack said he became an "instant star" the other evening while he was playing music.

Matthew Copen has been having major difficulties with his chariot. One night it got to rest along the road near the Little Creek bridge.

Euell Russell has been helping Creston real estate tycoon Don Rhodes build a storage building.

Some folks reported finding a fine patch of wine berries. Blackberries are starting to ripen too.

Anna Reno was attending to business in Elizabeth.