Calhoun Schools recently had an award banquet to recognize the systems employees.

Karen Kirby Teacher of the Year - Karen was employed as a substitute teacher after graduating from in Glenville State College in 1980. She was employed full time as a special education teacher in 1984. Karen worked as a special education teacher until the new school opened in 1998 where her assignment has been computer applications. Karen is married to Richard Kirby and has one son, Matthew.

Tim Abel Service Employee of the Year - First employed in 1988 as a substitute bus operator. He was subsequently reclassified as a multi-class employee as sub operator/custodian and then worked as a custodian at Calhoun High School 1991-1998. Tim went back to work as a bus operator October 1998. He has one son, Adam who will be in the third grade at Pleasant Hill this fall.


Bruce Jett started working as a substitute bus operator during the 1985-86 school year and was employed full time in September 1988. Bruce has had perfect attendance for almost half the years he worked as a bus operator. Bruce plans to enjoy farming in his retirement.

Jean Simers began working as a teacher's aide at the Rowels Run School in November 1966. She began working at the board of education office October 2, 1967 as secretary to the federal programs director, Vonda Gunn. Jean is married to Burl Simers and they have two daughters, Sandra Bugby, who resides in Harrisville and Cindy Simers who resides in Mount Clare. She and Burl have one grandson, David Bugby, who will be in the second grade at Pleasant Hill this fall.

Judy Underwood graduated from Glenville State College in 1970 and received her Master's degree from WVU in 1990. Judy began working as an Opportunity Class teacher at Grantsville Grade School the fall of 1971. Judy has also taught Remedial Reading and special education. At the time of her retirement Judy was a diagnostician. Judy is married to Sydney and they have two children, Melanie who is a graduate student and Eric who is working on his Master's degree.

The program recognized nominees for Teacher of the Year, included Phyllis Evans, Karen Kirby, Sandra Rentschler, Edna Robinson and Julius Singleton.

Nominees for Service Enployee of the Year, included Tim Abel, Connie Badgett, Tim Hickman, Cheryl Jarvis and Nola Smith.

Perfect attendance awards went to Pat Bell, Bob Bonar, Joann Dawson, Gloria Jones, Billy Queen and Jimmy Yeager.

The Superintendent's Advisory Council was recognized, including Sherry Butt, Martha Harris, Cheryl Jarvis, Bernard Miller, Kathy Nichols, Sharon Pitts, Donna Poling, Kristie Ritchie and Ken Townsend.

Lights On School Partnership Committee Members included Trina Beall, Greg Cartwright, Irene Conrad, Henry Cooper, Janet Davis, Lori Fleagle, Carlene Frederick, Shelia Gherke, Susan Grahame, Pat Laughlin, Jane Lynch, P.J. Moore, Mike Offutt, Sandra Osborne, Donald Price, Pat Radabaugh, Bob Rentschler, Grace Richards, Connie Roberts, Rick Sampson, Linda Simmons and Paige Toney.

Site Coordinators included Dan Cosgrove, Cheryl McCallister and Jean Simers.

Co-Chairs - LOSPC included Peig Schmitz, Larry Stinn and Director Tony Russell.

Bus driver Bronson Hickman received Third Place - RESA V Regional Bus Roadeo.

Bus Driver Tim Hickman received Second Place - RESA V Regional Bus Roadeo.

Sharon Pitts was the only teacher from West Virginia selected to attend two week camp for the Summer Math/Science/Technology Institute at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Bessie Welch represented CM/HS, the only school in West Virginia to receive a grant from the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries.

Teacher Lloyd Hall was recognized for his overseas deployment to Iraq.

School board members were recognized for this service, including Ralph Cunningham, Burl Simers and Don Harris. Donnie Boothe (1971-2002) and Darrell Bower (1981-2003) were recognized for their service to the school system.

SERVICE PINS 2003-2004

5 Years - Barbara Jones Gerald Riddle, Dwayne Yatauro, Jimmy Yeager.

10 Years - Cheryl Jarvis.

15 Years - John Bugby, Zane Gherke and Vivian Dye.

20 Years - Karen Kirby, Bill Collins, Lou Johnson and Bernard Miller.

25 Years - Steve Albaugh, Beth Alltop, Lloyd Hall, Patty Hicks, Gloria Jones, Johnny Queen, Judy Underwood, Chip Westfall, Connie Badgett, Pat Bell, Denzil Dye, Mitch Morgan and Nancy Weekley.

30 Years - Mike Edwards, Mike McCartney, Carol Taylor, Millie Arnold, Bill Cunningham and Debbie Richards.

35 Years - Ronald Blankenship and Edna Robinson.

Photos courtesy of Calhoun County Schools