SUNNY CAL JOURNAL - Calhoun Eccentric: Eddie Heard God Speak, Issued Plan For World Peace

By Bob Weaver 2003


It might be a good idea to be "churched" on the persona of Eddie Austin Kirby (pictured left) before reading this column. Read Sunny Cal Journal "Calhoun Eccentric: Eddie Austin Kirby" and "Forty Attempts On Eddie's Life."

Eddie Austin Kirby was attending a religious meeting in 1936 in southeast Washington DC, when he received a "message from God."

The minister had knelt down and earnestly began to pray and then jumped to his feet and announced that someone in the church had just received conversion.

"He was somewhat mistaken in his statement," Eddie said. The message was for Eddie. "I knew what the Almighty was instructing me to do, what he wanted me to accomplish," he wrote.

That day he began to think and study and compose his paper which he entitled "A Plan for World Peace."

Eddie corresponded frequently with Franklin Delano Roosevelt about his ideas for world peace, starting in 1932. Roosevelt, who was then the governor of New York, after many letters from Eddie, wrote "Let me assure you that you do not exhaust my patience."

He also wrote to Winston Churchill and other heads of state, with copies of some of the letters in his book "Many Be Called - But Few Chosen: A Message To Humanity."

The principal themes in his treatise was whenever people cease to follow the monopolies, the dictators and the vote buyers - those who profit most from war, then, and only then, will wars cease. Eddie used the phrase dozens of times throughout his writings.

"People cannot support evil and hope to obtain justice as a result," he said.

The "plan" explains that vote buyers can keep themselves in power and win elections, and then appoint their followers to Federal Courts, where they are easily influenced as appointees.

Kirby said the American people know little about such arrangements, being easily tricked.

Calhoun native Eddie Kirby (pictured left) while he was writing about how to improve ones "holy temple," including how to care for your teeth, prevent cancer and cure lupus, some years before be ate thousands of cans of Vienna sausage and potted meat.

"When Christ was upon the earth, every nation was a dictatorship ... in a way the same conditions prevail today," said Eddie, who maintained a major step toward world peace was to elect all federal judges, with no judge being elected who is under the age of 40 and limit their terms. He suggested ample impeachment provisions.

A declaration for war against another nation must come by a vote of those who cast ballots in the last General Election, with the opposing nation agreeing to the same stipulation prior to a crisis.

Each nation will have a Peace Court, to enforce the rules.

He wrote extensively about the horror of wars to come.

"A five gallon nitroglycerin bomb exploded in the middle of State Route 5 at Grantsville would blow a hole in the road 20 feet deep and 75 feet long, but a five gallon atom bomb would be one thousand times more destructive," he wrote.

"If three such bombs were dropped on State Route 5 between Elizabeth and Parkersburg, how long do you think it would take the State Road to repair the damage?" he asked.

Starvation will be an end result of the next great war.

"The vote buyers, the monopolists, the dictators and many politicians are undoubtedly dragging you straight to such a terrifying fate ... Many people are asleep and stupid and hypnotized beyond action to prevent such an ordeal."

"Who will be the winner of the next great war?" he asked.

"My copyrighted (peace) manuscripts will speak out for themselves to some future generation," he concluded. He willed them to the Cherokee Indians in North Carolina.

Efforts have been made to contact the Cherokee Nation to obtain the peace plan, with no results, traveling their to search archives.