Two drug suspects arrested in Marietta Tuesday tipped off authorities about more methamphetamine production in Roane County.

Roane County Sheriff Todd Cole says the two Marietta suspects, Timothy and Joseph Waychoff, are from Roane County and traded meth making materials for the finished product with 43-year-old Richard Bowen, his 19-year-old son Brandon Bowen, 29-year-old Melody Legg, and 46-year-old Tamer Thomas.

A 12-year-boy was at the site of the arrest.

The search warrant was executed at the Bowen's home near Clio. Meth chemicals, the finished product and guns were confiscated from the home.

All four drug suspects are in the Central Regional Jail on various meth charges, fleeing from police, and child endangerment.

Bonds are set from $25,000 to $100,000.

Several other meth-lab arrests have been made in Roane.

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