BEALL CROSSES FINISH LINE - Bandathon Successful Fundraiser


L to R - Ashley Conley, Harry Beall and Dana Thomas

Calhoun bandmaster Harry Beall reached his destination in four hours and 50 minutes yesterday morning, after a 20-mile run from the lower West Fork to the Calhoun County Park.

"My lungs did well, but my body had some stress," said Beall, who traveled a number of back roads up the right fork of Daniel's Run through Sycamore. "I've been running to build up to this event."

At various times he was joined by band members Ashley Conley and Dana Thomas, who ran a lesser distance.

High school bands, along with other optional school activities, have seen their numbers decline in recent years, partly due to block scheduling. Calhoun is no exception, seeing the band numbers go down from an all-time high of more than 100 members to a couple dozen in recent years.

Beall expressed appreciation to the contributors who pledged during the Bandathon saying "It was a great success."

He said "I would like to thank the Band Boosters for their hard work and unwavering support in this fundraiser and all their other efforts."

Bertha Shock Cromley of Florida, a 1956 band member and majorette wrote the Herald saying "I would like to challenge Bob Marshall. I will double his pledge ... anyone out there to challenge me? Harry my check for $40 is in the mail."

Anyone who would like to offer a pledge and has not had a chance or wishes to honor current pledges may send a check to:

Band Boosters
HC 89 - Box 118
Mt. Zion, WV 26151