A CHALLENGE AND A PLEA - Helping The High School Band

In regards to the upcoming 20 mile Bandathon run, I'd like to offer an observation and a challenge. (See story on Hur Herald)

I've known Harry Beall for over 40 years. In all that time I've always known him to be one of the kindest, most caring, individuals that one is likely to ever meet.

Not to mention the fact that he is an extremely gifted musician who, in addition to being able to play any instrument he sets his mind to, also has volumes of songs that he has written (some of which, in my opinion, would be hits if recorded by the right singers.

Perhaps most of your readers do not know that Harry gave up a highly lucrative career in Nashville as a nurse anesthetist so that he could return to Calhoun county to teach what he loves to the children.

Needless to say, being a school band director is not a highly compensated position. One does it because one loves music and wants to help others to learn and share that love. It seems to me that anyone who gives up a lot for a little, just so they can help the children, deserves all the help we can offer them!

I am pledging a dollar a mile for this run. Not for every mile ran but just for the 20 miles. In other words, Harry, if you fall down at the starting line and can't get up... you've still got my $20.00.

Now...the challenge(s)...Once upon a time, eons ago, I was a member of the junior band. How's about a challenge to any former band member, junior or senior, to match my amount.

Or, how's about a challenge to anyone who has ever enjoyed hearing Harry play or sing to match it?

Or...back in high school I was known as somewhat of a hearty partier...how's about a challenge to all former partiers to match me (goodness knows there's a bunch of you out there.

In other words, folks, let's help the band!!!

If not with $20.00 then give what you can (more or less).

We all can remember the glory days when the band would march down the street, or on the field, playing their music and stirring some school and community pride up in us.

Perhaps, and most likely, the band will never be that size again. But that certainly doesn't mean we can't have pride in what we do have.

Let's help keep the band and, also, help it to expand, take some trips, buy some instruments, etc. If you ever had any pride in CHS, it's just the right thing to do!

Thank you,

Bob Marshall


p.s. Harry, the check REALLY is in the mail