BID APPROVED ON E-911 SHELL BUILDING - Architect's Plan For Elevator Accepted

After three years of ups and downs, a new E-911 building will be constructed on property long-term leased free to the county by the local Board of Education. The one-acre site behind Calhoun Middle-High School is adjacent to the county school board office and bus garage.

The Calhoun Commission opened bids yesterday for the construction of a concrete block 38' x 40' shell building, with Hartshorn Construction of Mt. Zion being the only bidder.

The commission approved the Hartshorn bid, which calls for $22,342.69 in labor and $20,132.08 in materials, for a project total coming to $42,474.77.

The project is expected to be started in September, although Hartshorn said it could be earlier if the company completes scheduled work.

The building will house E-911 equipment, in addition to some space for the Office of Emergency Services.

The current center located in the Calhoun EMS building at Mt. Zion does not meet code.

The commission approved architectural plans submitted by Cerrone Associates of Wheeling for the construction of a commercial elevator at the courthouse. The elevator would be constructed against an outside wall, and would provide access to all four floors.

The commission is currently seeking a Small Cities Block Grant for the construction of the elevator, which could cost $300,000.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council is completing a package for the use of $80,000 in grants given to the county from Homeland Security funding.

The grant contains numerous restrictions regarding how the funds may be used. Some of the money is expected to be used to upgrade some of the communication equipment used by local law enforcement.

The commission approved operating policies which will be used by the Calhoun Sheriff's Department.

A number of appointments were made to the LEPC Board.

A letter of support was issued by the commission for a proposed housing project in the old Calhoun High School building in Grantsville.

The commission approved written guidelines for the Minnora Community Center committee.

Sheriff Allen Parsons recommended a County Dog Warden not be hired at this time because of lack of funds.

The commission will meet again on July 12 at 4 p.m.