Submitted by Crystal Kendall

Danielle Kendall won the title of Little Miss Summertime on Sunday, June 6.

Danielle is the 8 year old daughter of Chuck and Crystal Kendall. She just finished the 3rd grade this year and is in the gifted program at Pleasant Hill School.

She lives in Grantsville with her parents and two brothers.

Danielle has competed in several pageants in the past few months. She won the title of Juvenile Miss Springtime 2004 in April of this year in Spencer, placed 2nd in the Rainbow Pageant system in Buchannon in May, placed 4th in Little Miss Lioness and on Sunday won the title of Little Miss Summertime.

Congradulations Danielle for a job well done! We are so very proud of you.

Love Mom, Dad, Chucky, and Christopher