The school board met Monday evening, covering a lengthy agenda.


Ralph Cunningham reported on the May 18, 2004 CGCC meeting, Carlene Frederick reported on the May 26, 2004 RESA meeting, Mike Offutt, Vicki Hardway and Jan Whited reported on the middle school playground and Donnie Pitts, Director of Supportive Services, reported on the food service program.

Administrator Greg Cartwright reported on the 2004-2005 Professional Staff Development Plan and the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant (Heads Up).

The board approved Voluntary Student Accident Insurance, Athletic Accident Insurance and an Athletic Training Contract.

The board voted to recognize Congressman Allan Mollohan and his family for their contributions to the school.

A recommendation was made to name the Board Office Complex, and the road leading to the board office (County Road 16/28) in addition to placing a plaque in the facilities building at Calhoun Middle-High School in recognition of the congressman.

PERSONNEL: Upon the Superintendent's recommendation, Mr. Cunningham moved and Mr. Simers seconded that the following matters be approved: Resignation - Scott Montgomery - CMHS Lights On Coordinator


Heilman Stewart - Football Coach, Doyle Hupp - Assistant Football Coach, Michael Stump - Assistant Football Coach, Melinda Fitzwater - Cross Country Coach, Jessica Evans - Volleyball Coach, Patricia Haught - Majorette Coach, Timothy Davis - Boys Basketball Coach, Timothy Moore - Assistant Boys Basketball Coach, Doyle Hupp - Girls Basketball Coach, Mike Sims - Middle School Boys Basketball Coach, Scot Montgomery - Middle School Girls Basketball Coach, Michael Stump - Wrestling Coach, Chris Morris - Assistant Wrestling Coach, Elvin Hixon - Middle School Wrestling Coach, Sandra Weaver - High School Cheerleader Coach Tonya Yoak - Middle School Cheerleader Coach,

Gary Knight - Yearbook Advisor, Gary Knight - Honors/Academic Coach, Anita Parsons - Co-Student Council Advisor, Beverly Morford - Co-Student Council Advisor, Gregory Cartwright - Vocational Director, Donald Price - Summer Lights On Site Coordinator - Calhoun Middle/High School, Sherry Butt - Summer Lights On Custodian - Calhoun Middle/High School, William Cunningham - Summer Program Bus Driver/Custodian, Mitchell Morgan - Summer Program Bus Driver/Custodian, Calvin Nicholas - Summer Program Bus Driver/Custodian, Timothy Whipkey - Summer Program Bus Driver/Custodians, Marisha Collins - Summer Program Cook - Calhoun Middle/High School, Earlene Thomas - Summer Program Cook - Calhoun Middle/High School, Kelli Whytsell - Summer Bridges Teacher, Kathryn Nichols - Summer Guided Reading Teacher, Tammey Webb - Summer Guided Reading Teacher,

Leslie Fox - Summer Elementary Teacher, Jacob Bruce Jarrell - Summer Elementary Teacher, Jan Jarrell - Summer Elementary Teacher, Norma Randall-Myers - Summer Elementary Teacher, Kathryn Nichols - Summer Elementary Teacher, Janice Westfall - Summer Elementary Teacher, Kelli Whytsell - Summer Elementary Teacher, Janice Westfall - Art Camp Teacher, Amber Price - Artisan for Art Camp, Carol Dye - Computer Camp Instructor, Scottie Westfall II - Computer Camp Instructor, Betty Westfall - Summer Language Arts Teacher, Timothy Davis - Summer Mathematics Teacher, Yvonne Wagoner - Summer Science Teacher, Leah Offutt - Summer Fine Arts/Media Teacher, Daniel Beall - Summer Multi-Media/Music Instructor, Russell Ferrell - Summer Recreation Leader,

Michael McCartney - Summer Drivers Education Teacher, Gary Knight - Summer Teacher for PLATO and Distance Learning, Chelsie Hupp - Student Mentor - Middle School Summer Institute, Susan Sullivan - Student Mentor - Middle School Summer Institute, Jordan Welch - Student Mentor - Middle School Summer Institute, Samara Church - Student Mentor - PLATO/Compass, Melanie Davis - Student Mentor - Morning Bridges/Reading, Jacob McCumbers - Student Mentor - Morning Bridges/Reading and Computer Camp, Shane Yeager - Student Mentor - Morning Bridges/Reading, Casey Harris - Student Mentor - Summer Academy and Art Camp, Scottie V. Westfall III - Student Mentor - Summer Academy, Teresa Bell - Student Mentor - Art Camp, James Bailey - Student Mentor - Computer Camp, Brittany Church - Student Mentor - Computer Camp, Charles Heiney - Bus Driver - Band/Athletic Camp, Timothy Whipkey - Bus Driver - Band/Athletic Camp, JoAnn Heiney - Cook - Band/Athletic Camp, Earlene Thomas - Cook - Band/Athletic Camp, Tim Moore - Head Eighth Grade Football Coach, Lisa Walker - Assistant VolleyballCoach

Motion carried unanimously

Board member Ralph Cunningham moved and Don Harris seconded that the Board enter into executive session at 8:15 p.m. for evaluation of the superintendent Ron Blankenship. FINANCES APPROVED:

Invoices - $290,162.27
Supplements - $7,528.69
Transfers - $241,169.37
Blanket Approval through June 30, 2004: Invoices, Supplements and Transfers

The next meeting is July 1, 2004 at the Office of the Superintendent.

Members Ralph Cunningham, Richard Fitzwater, Carlene Frederick, Donald Harris and Burl Simers, in addition to Supertendent Blankenship.

Others attending Greg Cartwright, Cynthia Dale, Vicki Hardway, Mike Offutt, Donnie Pitts, Joy Starcher, Marvin Starcher, Jan Whited.